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Dungeness Crab for Sale

We will have Dungeness Crab for sale this Holiday Season

Dungeness Crab for Sale in December

You’re known for taking care of your customers, but you’re not sure if there will be Dungeness Crab this holiday season. The whales have opted for a late checkout in Central California’s waters this year, causing the San Francisco opening date to be delayed. 

We planned for this.

While California’s busiest Dungeness Crab ports wait for the green light, Washington, Oregon, and Northern California’s Dungeness Crab seasons will open on December 1st. These areas are well covered by our locations in Ilwaco, WA and Crescent City, CA, and we’re primed and ready for opening day. 

Man transporting fishing boat in ilwaco with a lift
SETTING SAIL: One of our crab boats in Ilwaco, the Kaisha LeNae, being placed into the water ahead of the season opener.

Last year, coastal ports in Washington–among which Ilwaco stands a key player–offloaded 50% of Dungeness Crab in the state. Crescent City ports showed a high volume in 2020 as well, bringing in 20% of California’s Dungeness Crab.  As a key player in both locations, we expect to have a high volume of Dungeness Crab this season.

You will have Dungeness Crab for your customers this Holiday season. 


We’ll let you know as soon as we know. Not many physical products rival Dungeness Crab in price volatility. Fishermen negotiations, buyer risk sensitivity, and catch volume are just a few of the moving parts of the Dungeness Crab pricing machine. But this is one thing we can commit to: we will be competitive.  We don’t need to deal with brokers or buyers–we have a direct connection to the source via our seaside locations.

ilwaco seafood supplier office
STAGING TIME: Hundreds of Dungeness Crab pots surround our Ilwaco plant in preparation for the season opener on December 1st

In both Crescent City and Ilwaco, we operate the largest and most comprehensive crab productions in the area. In both of our plants, we can keep live crab healthy and strong in state-of-the-art live systems, or cook, freeze, and pack upon request. Of course, this is if we haven’t sold it right off the boats. 

We expect to move live crab very quickly, so we want to give you the most direct way to place an order.

woman wholding two live dungeness crab
Reina holding 2 live Dungeness Crabs

How to Order 

  • Pickup local crab in Ilwaco, WA – Call Sia Zhao, 360-398-5158 
  • Pickup in San Francisco, CA (Crescent City/Ilwaco Crab) – Call SF Office, 415-292-1640 
  • International Customers – Call Lait Ung, 415-278-7387 
  • Large Quantity Domestic Shipping – Call Max Boland, 415-278-7303 

Call and place an order today, your customers will appreciate it.

Happy Crab Season.


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