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Where to Buy Black Cod

Wondering where to buy Black Cod? Look for distributors along the U.S. West Coast.

Wondering where to buy Black Cod? Look for a seafood distributor along the U.S. west coast. These distributors need only look off their local shores for Black Cod, minimizing the time it takes for the fish to get from the ocean to a controlled facility. Also, the Black Cod population is at target levels along the west coast and current fishing rates promote its growth. This ensures a sustainable ocean stock. Finally fishermen and seafood distributors fishing operating on the US west coast are under jurisdiction of the US government, which is the world leader in sustainable seafood practices.

Black Cod Overview

Black Cod, or Sablefish, is caught all along the west coast of North America. Its beautiful white meat is high in oil and has a rich, buttery flavor. Black Cod is often found in miso soup at a Japanese restaurant or smoked to perfection in fine dining cuisine. 

Seasonality: Mar – Nov

Seafood Watch Sustainability Rating: Green – Best Choice

Serving Suggestions:

Safe Coast Seafoods is one of the largest shellfish and locally caught ground fish suppliers on the west coast. Located in San Francisco, Ca; Crescent City, CA; and Ilwaco WA, we receive the ocean’s finest when it’s freshest, and distribute to local and global customers.


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