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With millions of pounds sold daily, Dungeness Crab is one of the most desired seafood species in the world. Dungeness Crab is found in eelgrass beds all along the pacific coast. The crabs are caught from the Aleutian islands in Alaska all the way down to the US-Mexico border.

State Departments of Fish and Wildlife set fishing guidelines for the commercial fisheries in the United States. For example, fishermen are required to release juvenile and female crabs back into the wild. By only allowing commercial fishing of adult male crabs, we all ensure a healthy future for the Dungeness Crab fishery. The fish and wildlife departments also determine the start and end dates for crab season.

Because the fishery is so well managed, the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program rates Dungeness Crab as a “Good Alternative”.

How We Offer Dungeness Crab with Peace of Mind


We understand that information is key to planning. We are committed to offering transparent updates on catches, quality, and price so you can plan for your customers accordingly. Our team is available to answer your calls, emails, and texts daily to get you the information you need.


With ports in Ilwaco, Crescent City, and San Francisco, we are able to consistently source crab year round. Our reach allows us to offer Dungeness Crab, even when some locations are experiencing low catch numbers. We accomplish this through partnerships with the scientific community and tribal fleets.

Crab megalopae are Dungeness Crabs in the late larval stage, and are distributed via currents along the west coast each year. We work with scientists who use megalopae distribution to predict where adult Dungeness Crab will be years after. This allows us to focus our efforts in places where the catch will be high.

We also partner with tribal fleets and British Columbia ports. These partnerships allow us to source crab in the summer months when the U.S. coastal crab season is closed.


Our customers are an extension of us, so we make sure the crab we offer is of the highest quality. We work with tribal fleets in Puget Sound to experienced family fishermen in San Francisco to get the highest quality crab. We reject weak or soft shell crab, ensuring everything from our live product to our cooked crab sections are high quality.

Our best in class live holding technology allows us to keep live crabs healthy and strong. Our experienced team of plant managers, technicians, and drivers is trained to keep salinity, oxygen levels, and temperature at optimal levels.

Our whole cooks and sections are cooked, frozen, and kept with mastery to preserve freshness and quality.

In addition, our connections with tribal fishermen in Puget Sound give us access to “black crab.” Considered the most healthy and strong, black crab is toughened by the rough sandy and muddy environment of The Sound.

Dungeness Crab Near Me

Our connections help us offer Dungeness Crab year round, and our experience allows us to keep it at its best. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team has mastered wholesale Dungeness Crab. Our customers include seafood markets, seafood distributors, and seafood wholesalers.

We serve the Pacific Northwest and the San Francisco Bay Area. We also ship crab across the country and export it to partners in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and other countries.

Pickup today in Ilwaco, Washington or San Francisco, California. If you are in need of shipping, please contact us.

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